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April 08 2017

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my next life
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Reblog if you’re part of a hostile nation that’s declared war on Australia

Oh my god though guys you don’t know the best thing!  The best thing is: he’s right.

The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands is a micronation near Australia.  This is their flag:

The Gay Kingdom (as it is colloquially known) was founded in 2004 in protest against Australia’s legal stance against same-sex marriage.

Here are some of their stamps:

They are currently ruled by Emperor Dale I, and their currency is the Pink Dollar.

And, indeed - they declared war on Australia for not recognizing same-sex marriages performed outside the country.  (Second link.)

You’re telling me there has been a Gay Island this ENTIRE TIME and I’m only just finding out about it????


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Undersea Alien

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Dad Joke In Action

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Der Quentin
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lets try this
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Collected from the Egyptian desert in March of 1846, the Helix desertorum specimen was sent to the British Museum, where scientists thought it had expired in transit. It was glued to a cardboard display card shortly after.

One day four years later, curators noticed something strange about their catatonic mollusk: the shell seemed to have moved from its glued position and a trail of discoloration followed it.

Archivists removed it from the card to give it a bath, with a suspicion the snail might have in fact been slumbering.

After just a few minutes of exposure to moisture, the snail’s head poked from its shell and surveyed its new home with four eye stalks.

As the snail adjusted to active life again, it became a minor celebrity and sat for a portrait by the museum’s zoological artist for inclusion in a book on mollusks, seen below:


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The ‘Devil’s Bridge’ is a 19th-century structure in Kromlau, Germany, that was designed to make a perfect circle with its reflection in the water below. Source

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